Mouse Setup and Help.


How to pick a sensitivity for CSGO:

Some facts:
DPI(or really CPI) has nothing really to do with performance(accuracy), only speed. Basically a "Count" is what the computer reads as an input of movement. So simplistically if you move 1 inch with 400CPI the computer will move the cursor/crosshair 400 times(even though if may only be a few pixels). When you move the same inch with 1600CPI it will move 1600 times, and that would be equivalent to 4x as many pixels.

Windows Sensitivity and In-Game sensitivity are just multipliers(or dividers) of the counts it receives from the mouse. So yes 400CPI and 2 CSGO sens is equal to 800CPI and 1 CSGO sens.
Mouse sensors usually have a Native CPI. Use this if possible, it will net the most accurate and allow the sensor to excel. If that is unreasonable, then use a even division of the native. (Eg Native=1800, use 900, 450). This will allow the sensor to "drop" counts evenly and will still result in accurate movement. If your mouse advertises a higher CPI than the sensor is designed for, then interpolation will occur and you will get jumpy movement and pixel skipping. Avoid this. You can find this information from Datasheets if you are inclined.

General Rules:
  1. The combination of your CPI and your sensitivity must allow you to place your crosshair on every individual pixel. There is a minimum possible movement you can make with your hand, if that movement causes your crosshair to move multiple pixels, then you are "pixel skipping". This is bad. You must lower your sensitivity until this is achieved.
  2. Optional Now there is a "too low" as well. Based on your mouse surface, you must be able to complete a 180 degree turn, both left and right, easily. Most players tend to get larger surfaces (Steelseries QcK+ and that jazz). If this is not reasonable for you, raise your sensitivity until 180 degree turns are possible without sacrificing the above skipping rule.
  3. Avoid Mouse acceleration, the easiest way to do this is in the Game Settings: Disable Mouse Acceleration and Enable Raw Input. Raw Input bypasses operating system interference and allows the game to read directly from the USB device. It works best with the cvar m_mousespeed 0.

Average Sensitivity vs Rank of /r/globaloffensive 2014:

Notice how there is a direct correlation between "skill" and the decrasing of speed. Low speed allows for a larger margin for error during flicks and turns as well as allowing for precise movement at distance.This may also aid in your positioning as you will tend to place yourself at points where you will avoiding leaving your flanks open.

Simple rules for your mousepad:
  • Laser Sensor = Hard flat surface (Hardpad, Desk)
  • Optical LED = Textured solid colored surface (Cloth pad)